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Problem 816: C.G.S.Narayanan - Threemover
narayanan.cgs(04.03.2017) Happy to publish another excellent threemover from the Indian maestro. Traditional style selfblocks and battery play, with pinmates and changed mates thrown in.
Petko Petkov celebrating 75th Anniversary!
petko petkov(27.02.2017) Today the top Bulgarian composer IGM Petko Petkov celebrate his 75th anniversary! He is 5 times World champion, an Olympic Golden medalist and he is leading the World Ranking for decades!
Problem 815: Claude Beaubestre - Fairy (Take & Make)
claude.beaubestre(26.02.2017) Another fairy problem - wellcome to Claude Beaubestre from France!
Problems 813 and 814: Vito Rallo - Fairy (Circe, Grasshopper, Alphabetic, Circe Parrain)
vito.rallo2(25.02.2017) Two fairy problems in light construction by Vito Rallo.
Problem 812: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Circe, Grasshopper-2, Super Pawn)
krassimir.gandev(25.02.2017) Fairy miniature with Super AUW and Excelsiors by Krassimir Gandev.
Problem 811: Valery Shanshin - Twomover

valery.shansin(12.02.2017) Happy to publish this complex twomover from the Russian master, as the first of the year 2017!

Problem 810: Viktor Syzonenko - Helpmate
viktor.syzonenko(11.02.2017) An interesting cyclic play with selfblocks from the Ukranian master.
Problem 809: Ivan Soroka - Fairy (Grasshopper, Leo, Camel)
ivan.soroka(30.01.2017) Fairy (!?) selfmate by Ivan Soroka with a cyclic play.
Problem 808: Ravi Shankar - Fairy (All-in)
ravi.shankar(29.01.2017) Fairy moremover miniature with All-in chess.
Problem 807: Jozef Holubec - Selfmate
jozef.holubec(28.01.2017) Nice selfmate in progressive twin form by Jozef Holubec.
Problem 806: Franz Pachl & Ralf Kraetschmer - Fairy (Circe, neutral pieces)
franz.pachlralf.kraetschmer(27.01.2017) Excellent fairy problem with Circe effects and neutral pieces.
Problem 805: Rauf Aliovsadzade & Mykola Chernyavskiy - Threemover
rauf.aliovsadzademykola.chernyavski(24.01.2016) A wonderful threemover with excellent key and theme not often seen today!
Problem 801 to 804: Аleksey Ivunin & Аleksandr Pankratiev - Helpmate
alexey.ivuninaleksandr.pankratiev(23.01.2017) Another set of delightful helpmates from the Russian experts!
Problem 800: K.Seetharaman & N.Velmurugan - Selfmate
seetharaman.kalyanvelmurugan.n(11.01.2017) We start the Originals 2017 with a nice Selfmate by our co-editor Seetharaman Kalyan and the new talent from India - N. Velmurugan! Welcome him to KoBulChess!
KoBulChess Helpmates in 2 moves 2015 Award
logo(05.01.2017) Happy New Year to all our readers! We start 2017 with the Award of KoBulChess Helpmates in 2 moves 2015 Award by Vitaly Medintsev. We thank Vitaly for his excellent work! The award is open for 1 month period for claims.
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