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Belgrade Internet Tourney, 2019
belgrade2019(25.03.2019) The Serbian Problem Chess Society invites composers around the world to take part in the Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2019.  There are three very interesting themes. 
KoBulChess Twomovers 2017-2018 AWARD
logo(22.03.2019) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Twomovers 2017-2018. Many thanks to the judge C.G.S.Narayanan! The award is open for claims for 1 month period.
Problem 977: Mario Parrinello - Fairy (KoBul Kings, Locust, Royal Piece)
mario(22.03.2019) Fantastic fairy problem by the Italian maestro Mario Parrinello! Corner-to-corner play, KoBul Kings transformations and nice fairy echo model mates - an excellent miniature!
Problem 976: Vladimir Pankov - Helpmate
(12.02.2019) When a senior composer feels that different black play after AUW compensate for the white move repetitions (in this helpmate), perhaps he is right...
Problem 975: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(08.02.2019) The first threemover of the year is from our Israel master. Interesting play with try and light construction.
Problem 974: Valery Shanshin - Twomover
valery.shansin(08.02.2019) Happy to publish the first twomover of the year from our Russian expert!
Phenix 16th Thematic tourney 2019
phenix(25.01.2019) The editorial board of Phenix are annoncing their 16th Thematic Tourney. It is asked to compose problems with these options of WinChloe : Conditionsfromply=n and / or Conditionsuntilply=n
There are four sections :
The Wonderful Fairy options of WinChloe by IGM Petko Petkov
petko.petkov.2(19.01.2019) Here you can see an interesting article by Petko Petkov about the new fairy options in WinChloe which looks very promising for a future work. It was published in Phenix 288-289 in September-October 2018
Problem 973: Diyan Kostadinov - Selfmate
dkostadinov(15.01.2019) Few days ago I saw an old topic in the MatPlus forum about probably a "new theme for S#2" which grab my attention and few hours later I was ready with this selfmate. Is this the first realisation of the theme in an orthodox selfmate? Opinions!?
FRME 5th Composing Tourney 2019

frme(13.01.2019) The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 5th Composing Tourney in 6 sections:

Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Mike Prcic 80 -JT
sgfadil.abdurahmanovicmike.prcic(13.01.2019) Here is the announcement of the Fadil Abdurahmanovic & Mike Prcic 80 -JT organized by Strate Gems.
KoBulChess Helpmates in 2 moves 2016 Award
logo(11.01.2019) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Helpmates in 2 moves 2016. Many thanks to the judge Shankar Ram! The award is open for claims for 1 month period.
Corrections in the Final Award:
- the 4th Prize winner now is with it's correct diagram;
- the 5th HM problem by Valery Gurov is removed because of the anticipation. Other HM problems which was behind it, now are 1 place up.
Zoran Gavrilovski 50 JT - Award
zoran.gavrilovski(04.01.2019) Zoran Gavrilovski is one of the most talented and versatile composers in the world (and an editor of The Macedonian Problemist magazine). He has a lot of masterpieces and here you can see the Award of his 50th Jubilee Tourney which was in 5 sections: #2, #3, S#, H#2, H#n. In the article are included the problems of all winners (and the two selfmates by the bulgarian participant Petko Petkov), three selected compositions by Zoran and also a link to the full award.
Problem 972: K. Seetharaman - Helpmate
(04.01.2019) Wish you all a very Happy and successful new year!  Here is the first Helpmate for the year - a simple one showing check prevention. This should encourage all to attempt more complex themes!
Problem 971: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (PWC)
vaclav.kotesovec(04.01.2019) Here is the first original for 2019! A fantastic fairy problem by Vaclav Kotesovec in the author's typical style.
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