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Problem 1030: Dragan Stojnic - Threemover
dragan stojnic(31.12.2019) This is the last published original for 2019 - a wonderful threemover by Dragan Stojnic showing a complex Cyclone theme! Happy new 2020 year to all our visitors!
Problems 1028 & 1029: Mikhail Gershinsky & Aleksandr Pankratiev - Helpmates
aleksandr.pankratievmichael.gershinski(31.12.2019) Few more originals in last minutes of the year. Happy to present two nice helpmates from the Russian masters with apologies for the belated publication. With this I have published all helpmate originals I have received. If I missed any please resend. (Seetharaman)


Problem 1027: Velko Aleksandrov - Fairy (Patrol Chess)
velko.aleksandrov(31.12.2019) This is the last fairy original for 2019! A problem by the bulgarian maestro Velko Aleksandrov.
Problem 1026: Jozef Holubec - Selfmate
jozef.holubec(31.12.2019) A selfmate longmover by Jozef Holubec.
Problem 1025: Udo Degener - Fairy (ABC, KoeKo, Royal Sparrow, neutrals)
udo.degener(31.12.2019) A fairy original with echo mates and neutral pieces. Welcome to Udo Degener!
Problem 1024: Anatoly Stepochkin - Selfmate
anatoly.stepochkin(31.12.2019) A Selfmate twomover by Anatoly Stepochkin.
Problem 1023: James Quah - Fairy (Patrol Chess, Rose, Nightrider)
james.quah(31.12.2019) Another interesting fairy original by James Quah.
Problem 1022: Zoltan Labai - Twomover
zoltan.labai(31.12.2019) Here is the last twomover original for 2019.
Problem 1021: Valery Kopyl - Selfmate
valery.kopyl(31.12.2019) New nice selfmate by Valery Kopyl.
Problem 1020: Yury Gordian - Selfmate
yuri.gordian(31.12.2019) A selfmate with two model mates. Welcome to Yury Gordian!
Problem 1019: Lubos Kekely - Fairy (Series)
lubos.kekely(31.12.2019) A Series Helpstalemate Meredith by Lubos Kekely.
Problem 1018: Karol Mlynka - Fairy (KoBul Kings, Einstein Chess, Circe Parrain)
(31.12karol.mlynka.2019) Interesting combinations of fairy conditions in Tanagra form.
Problem 1017: Viktor Syzonenko - Fairy (Take & Make)
viktor.syzonenko(31.12.2019) Nice fairy original with Take & Make effects by Viktor Syzonenko.
Problem 1016: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (Moose, White Maximummer)
vaclav.kotesovec(31.12.2019) Two pairs of echo mates on the four corners in this fairy helpmate by Vaclav Kotesovec.
Problem 1015: Aleksey Oganesjan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesjan(30.12.2019) An unusual selfmate logical original by Aleksey Oganesjan.
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