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Problem 767: Hubert Gockel - Fairy (Anti Circe)
hubert.gockel(30.11.2016) Very nice fairy twomover by Hubert Gockel.
Problem 766: Paul Raican - Fairy (Vertical Miror Circe, Ser-AutoClouage)
paul.raican(29.11.2016) Fairy problem with Vertical Miror Circe and long wK journey.
Problem 765: Aleksey Oganesjan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesyan(29.11.2016) Selfmate with AUW in only 2 moves and twins with mutiple solutions.
Problem 764: Eric Huber - Fairy (Argentinian chess, Circe, AntiCirce, neutral pieces)
eric.huber(12.11.2016) Interesting fairy problem with combination of Argentinian chess, Circe and AntiCirce.
Problem 763: Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Circe Couscous)
pierre.tritten(10.11.2016) Fairy H# with Circe Couscous and two matched solutions by Pierre Tritten.
Problem 762: Aleksey Oganesjan - Twomover
aleksey.oganesyan(10.11.2016) Aleksey dares me to publish this unusual twomover! It has double threat, but no duals.
Problem 761: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate
zivko.janevski(07.11.2016) Another welcome contribution from the Macedonian helpmate expert, this time a HOTF.
Problem 760: C.G.S.Narayanan - Helpmate
narayanan.cgs(04.11.2016) The Indian Meastro usually composes directmates but this time tries his hand at helpmates and delights!
Problem 759: Aleksandr Azhusin - Selfmate
aleksandr.azhusin(31.10.2016) A warm welcome to the Russian selfmate expert Aleksandr Azhusin! Here he presents a selfmate twomover with change of play and a Star.
Problem 758: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate
zivko.janevski(14.10.2016) Zivko continues his experiment with Organised disharmony in helpmates!
Problem 757: Ladislav Salai jr.,Emil Klemanci, Ladislav Packa & Michal Dragoun - Helpmate
ladislav.salai.jremil.klemanicladislav.packamichal.dragoun(30.09.2016) Welcome to Emil Klemanic and Ladislav Packa who with international collaboration produce a delightful HOTF with neat exchange of functions! Four experts - Four solutions!
Problem 756: Valdmir Pankov - Helpmate
vladimir pankov(07.09.2016) Welcome to Vladmir Pankov from Russia whose miniature helpmate shows complex play.
Problem 755: Vito Rallo - Helpmate
vito.rallo2(05.09.2016) Helpmate meredith showing mutual captures and model mates after selfblocks.
Problem 754: Aydan Huseynzade - Helpmate
aydan.huseynzade(02.09.2016) Congratulations to the young composer of Azerbaijan who is now a Faculty Chess in the State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports! She shows the theme set for young composers recently in Belgrade.  She could not take part in that tourney as she is just a little older! 
Problem 753: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
kenan.velikhanov(01.09.2016) Nice helpmate showing four selfblocks on the same square. Can it escape anticipation?
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