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Problem 944: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(24.12.2018) A simple threemover with a nice try and beautiful key by the Israeli expert.  
Problem 943: Menachem Witztum & Ricardo de Vieira - Helpmate
menachem.witztumricardo.vieira(24.12.2018) Complex line play in this international coordination across the Atlantic Ocean!
Problem 942: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
(24.12.2018) Akenan.velikhanov.new.docx nice helpmate from the Azerbaijan expert showing transformation of batteries (two indirect ones in the diagram). 
Problem 941: Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi - Helpmate
vasil.krizhanivsky(20.12.2018) Active white sacrifices in this helpmate from Ukraine showing a nice doubling of the Kniest theme!  
Problem 940: Mohamed Jamal Elbaz - Helpmate
jamal.elbaz(20.12.2018) Another interesting HOTF from the author of 598  showing four different mates from the bishop added to the black king star!  Are the repeated selfblocks a weakness or do they show changed mate after selfblocks? 
Problem 939: Valery Shanshin - Twomover
valery.shansin(20.12.2018) The Russian grandmaster shows an excellent White correction and threat correction play in his nice twomover.
Problem 938: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate
zivko.janevski(20.12.2018) Another remarkable cyclic Zilahi from the Macedonian grandmaster, with excellent white economy! 
Problems 936 & 937 (canceled): Abdelaziz Onkoud - Helpmate
abdelaziz.onkoud(19.12.2018) The problems are canceled because was published again by mistake and they doubled already published originals by the author. We apologise.
Problem 935: Suleyman Abdullayev - Twomover
suleyman.abdullayev(19.12.2018) A simple twomover from Abdullayev. Hope this will encourage him to try more complex themes!
KoBulChess Selfmates 2016 Award
logo(14.12.2018) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Selfmates 2016. Many thanks to the judge Ivan Soroka. The award is open for claims for 1 month period.
Problem 932 to 934: R.Phanibhushan - Helpmate
phanibhushan(14.12.2018) Welcome to Dr. Phanibhushan from India, who is obviously talented. While the unpins are wellknown, his doubling of the Bristol (935) in both solutions is a delight !
Problem 930 & 931: Vitaly Medintsev - Helpmate
vitaly.medintsev(12.12.2018) Two nice tasks from the Russian master!  930 shows a cycle of  unpins, sacrife and selfblocks, while the other  is a six solutions mammoth of selfblocks and white reciprocals!
Problem 929: Ladislav Salai jr. & Emil Klemanic - Threemover
ladislav.salai.jremil.klemanic(02.12.2018) Interesting original from the Slovakia experts. They have added special features to the wellknown Siers battery play!
Problem 927 and 928: Anton Bidlen - Helpmates
anton.bidlen(30.11.2018) Two interesting helpmates from Anton Bidlen. I hope some repetitions in the longer helpmate are excusable in view of the underpromotion and different mates.
Problem 926: Alexander Shpakovsky - Threemover
alexander.shpakovsky(29.11.2018) Simple but nice threemover with quiet play from Russia!
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