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Задача 891: Petko Petkov - Fairy (Neutral Double Grasshopper)
petko.petkov(06.04.2018) Нова фантастична феерична задача от Петко Петков! Богато тематично съдържание и пълна аналогия в играта при всички 4 решения.
a) 1…nDGf7! 2.Qe6 nDGd7 3.Qd5+Kxd5#!!
(impossible are moves 4.nDGb2?? or 4.nDGb6?? with self-checks!)
b) 1…nDGe4! 2.Qf5 nDGg4 3.Qe4+Kxe4#!!
c) 1…nDGf1! 2.Qe2 nDGd1 3.Qd3+! Kxd3#!!
d) 1…nDGc4! 2.Qb5 nDGa4 3.Qc4+Kxc4#!!
      Thematic complex
1.Fourfold creation of mixed anti-batteries bK/nDG combined with 4 white Q - sacrifices and black K-cross!
2.Line-opening for the black Bc5 that follows to pin of the w.Pf2 and 4 pin-model-mates in ECHO-form!
3.TASK: Extremely activity by the white Queen and neutral DG - every thematic piece makes 8 different moves!
4.The complex is presented here for the first time.
5.Probably we can named such compositions "Neutral - minimal problems" because on the board we have only one neutral figure that directly attacks the black king!

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