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Задача 852: Hubert Gockel - Fairy (AMU)
hubert.gockel(07.10.2017) Феерична двуходовка с двоен Ле Гранд и специфична АМУ игра от Хуберт Гокел.
   1.Rd3? bK observes wRd3   (2.R3xd4# A)
1...Bxe2  x observes wRd3 a 2nd time  2.Se5# C (Sd2?)
1...Sc5! observes wRd3 a 2nd time
   1.Rd5? bK observes wRd5  (2.R5xd4# B)
1...g4 y observes wRd5 a 2nd time 2.Sd2# D (Se5?)
1...Sc7! observes wRd5 a 2nd time
   1.cxb4! opens b3-f3 (2.Se5# C,2.Sd2# D
1...Bxe2  x observes wSf3 a 2nd time  2.R1xd4# A
1...g4 y observes wSf3 a 2nd time  2.R8xd4# B
1...d3  closes b3-f3 2.Sa3#
Le Grand, doubled, with 4 thematic mates and double threat.
Dual avoidance, both refutations by the same piece.
Tested with Popeye 4.79
The following definition is quoted from http://strategems.net/sections/fairy_defs.html
AMU: The mating, but no checking, move may only be made by a unit, which is observed by precisely one enemy unit ( including King) prior to the move. All other ‘mating-moves’ are illegal.
Invented by Miroslav Brada in the early 1990's.
The previous version showed a double le Grand based on three thematic mates. That pattern play has been realized in orthodox twomovers as well (though seldom). Here the extension to 4 thematic mates, including double threat and dual avoidance seems novel to me. At least I do not know any other example, neither orthodox nor fairy. All in all I consider it worth the heavier setting.

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