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Задача 837: Petko Petkov - Fairy (SneK Chess Adverse)
petko.petkov(23.06.2017) Българският топ композитор гм Петко Петков демонстрира богата стратегия с интересната противоположна разновидност на фееричното условие SneK Chess.
a) 1…c1Q! 2.rQh3! f1R! 3.Qxh6(wKh3)+Qxh6(bQf1)#
(But not  1...c1B? 2.rQh3 f1R 3.Qxh6(wKh3)+? Bxh6 (bQf1)+? 4. Kxh4!!)
b) 1…c1B! 2.rQb5f1S! 3.Bxa3(wKb5)+ Bxa3(bBf1)#
(But not  1...c1Q? 2.rQb5 f1S 3.Bxa3(wKb5)+? Qc5+!!
1.Black AUW 
2.Bristol bicolor: wQ -bQ (a) and wB-bB (b)
3.UMNOV -theme after 2.rQh3! f1=R (a) and 2.rQb5! f1=S! (b)
4.Creation and play of Black special "Ecto-batteries": Qc1/Rf1 (a) and Bc1/Sf1 (b).
5.Thematic tries:  1...c1=B? (a) and 1...c1=Q? (b)
6.Model mates!!
This complex is shown for the first time!
SneK Chess Adverse: The pieces are in following order – (Pawn) > King > Knight > Bishop > Rook > Queen. If some piece is captured, the other one of the opposite color which is exactly below it in the rank, transforms into a piece of the same kind as the captured one. In case of option – the capturing side choose which piece will be transformed. When a Pawn is captured – the Royal Piece of the opposite color (if exists) becoming a normal King.

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