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Задача 590. Kostas Prentos - Fairy (KoKo Chess)
kostas.prentos(06.06.2015) Отлична задача Танагра с три ехо решения от Костас Прентос!
1.Rd2 Ke1 2.Kc2 Sb2 3.Rd3 Sc4 4.Kd1 Se3#
1.Re2 Se3 2.Kd2 Sc2 3.Re3 Sd4 4.Ke1 Sf3#
1.Rf2 Kg1 2.Ke2 Sd2 3.Rf3 Se4 4.Kf1 Sg3#
The selfmate is forced by means of Zugzwang: The only contact move that does not expose the black King gives a fatal check. Threefold exact echo mates, achieved without any repeated moves throughout the three solutions. (Author)
Koko (Contact Chess): A move is legal only if at least one of the squares adjacent to the arrival square is occupied (i.e. a piece, having moved, must be in contact with another). This applies also to the Kings: A King is not in check, if his capture leaves the capturing piece isolated.

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