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cornel.pacurar(30.12.2014) , . Cornel Pacurar!
1.Kxe5(+nPd5)! [1.Kxe5(+nPh8nQ)?] 2.Kxd5(+nPh8nQ)
3.nQxh4(+nPf6)+ nQxf6(+nPh1nB)#
1.Kxe5(+nPd8nQ) 2.nQxh4(+nPg4)! [2.nQxh4(+nPc5)?]
3.nQxg4(+nPc5)+ Kxc5(+nPa1nB)#
Wenigsteiner with 100% Super Circe thematic density. (Author)
Super Circe:When captured, a piece is reborn on any free field on the chess boardwithout causing self-check or selfmate. Possible is also removal of captured piece from the board. The Pawns (white, black, neutrals, half- neutrals) can be reborn on the first or eight row also. When reborn on the first row(for Black) or on the eight row (for White) the promotion is obligatory. When reborn on the first row(for White) or on the eight row (for Black) the Pawns are immovable.

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