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Задача 368: Paul Raican - Fairy (Anti Circe, Chameleon chess)

raican(24.03.2014) Много оригинална феерична миниатюра от Paul Raican с интересна батарейна игра!


   Set play: 1...nPc1=nS 2.nSe2=nB (first battery = Re1-Be2: nRe1 is the rear piece) Ke7 3.nBc4=nR+ Kd6+ (second battery = Kd5-Re1: nRe1 becomes the front piece) 4.nRe8=nQ+ (third battery = Kd6-Qe8: nQe8 is the front piece) nQe1=nS#

   Solution: 1.nRe8=nQ nPc1=nQ 2.nQg5=nS nSe6=nB+ 3.Ke4 (fourth battery = Qe8-Be6: nQe8 is the rear piece) nBg4=nR+ 4.Kf5+ (fifth battery = Kf6-Qe8 : nQe8 becomes the front piece) nQe1=nS#

Anti-Zabunov (??) New theme? Echo mates. (Author)

Chameleon Chess: At the completion of every move, the pieces change their type on the following sequence: S-B-R-Q-S...

Anti Circe: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). R, B & S go to the square of the same colour as the capture; Ps stay on the file of capture; fairy pieces go to the promotion square of the file of capture.


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