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Задача 361: Mario Parrinello - Fairy (KoBul Kings, Locust, Sirene)

mario(14.03.2014) Хубава феерична задача с Locust, Sirene и KoBul Kings ефекти при ортогонална-диагонална транслация от Mario Parrinello.


  1.SIb5 LOxb5-c6(wK=rSI)+ 2.Sxc6(bK=rLO) Qb7 (Qc3?)

3.SIRd6+ Qxc6(rSI=rS)#

  1.SIb4 LOxb4-c4(wK=SI)+ 2.Sxc4(bK=rLO) Qc3 (Qc7?)

3.SIRd5+ Qxc4(rSI=rS)#

KoBul Kings: when a piece (not a pawn) of his own side is captured, a King transforms into a Royal piece of the same type as the captured one. When the King is in the form of any Royal piece and there is a capture of one of the pawns of his own side, he becomes a normal King again. 

Locust: a piece which moves only to capture. It lands on the same squares as a grasshopper, but the arrival square must be empty, because the locust captures its hurdle.

Sirene: move as Queen, but capture by hopping over and removing an adverse unit, landing on the next (necessarily empty) square.


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