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Задача 321: Balasubramanian & Kostadinov & Rittirsch - Fairy (Anti Take & Make, Madrasi)

balasubramaniandiyanmanfred rittirsch(21.01.2014) След публикуването на версия 80.1 в коментара към класирането на KoBulChess Феерични задачи 2012 ние обменихме някои идеи и мнения, и най-накрая достигнахме до (най-вероятно) оптималната версия на задача 80 / от 2012. Тази подобрена версия ще участва в годишния турнир за Оригинални задачи на сайта за 2014.


a) 1.Ra6! Rf3! 2.Kxf3(Rf6) Kxf2(Bb6)# [3.K~??, 3.B~??]

b) 1.Ba7! Be5! 2.Kxe5(Bd4) Kxe6(Rb6)# [3.K~??, 3.B~??]


Critical moves, Grimshaw, ODT, change of functions,

active sacrifices, specific fairy play, miniature.



Anti Take & Make: every capture ("take") must be complemented by a further step ("make" - not a capture) by the captured piece (Kings excluded), which must move from its square of vanish (according to the wishes of the capturing side in case of options). The capture is forbidden if the captured unit have not possible move. Promotions at the end of the "make" element are normal.

Madrasi Rex Inclusive: Mutually attacking black and white units of the same type (including Kings) paralyse each other, so that they may no longer move or give check. The paralysis may be removed, for example by interference (in the case of line pieces), or by capture of either of the paralysed units.


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