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Fairings No 31: Април 2013

feather(19.04.2013) Това е новата статия от поредицата Fairings (31) на Chris Feather.

FAIRINGS…                                  No 31: April 2013

C.J.Feather 10 Tinwell Road STAMFORD PE9 2QQ UK   [ Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове. ]


This is a briefer issue than usual. As some readers will know, my wife Anne is convalescing after an operation, so currently I am a nurse/housekeeper/cook rather than a chess problemist. I hope that by June or July things will be normal again, but meanwhile please excuse delayed answers to e-mails. In the limited time available, work for Orbit is very much my priority, so do continue to send me originals for that magazine as normal. To eke out my few originals this time I am very pleased to welcome contributions from Arnold and Norbert, and I also include a reprint of a recent joint composition. Details for problems 1, 3 & 5:  

1: Royal squirrels f5, d6. Progressive twinning: b) rSQf5>e8 c) & rSQe8>f4  d) & rotate 180  e) & rSQe3>e4.   

3: Progressive twinning: b) shift a1=>b1 (WKf8) c) & rotate a1=>a8 (WKh3): 2 sols in c) only.  

5: Progressive twinning: b) h2=>neutral BerolinaP  c) & Kh1>e8  d) & nPh7>b6.

Best wishes to all.


1 a) 1.rSQd4 nPf8=nS 2.rSQd6 rSQh7# Not 3.rSQxf8?: f1 is unguarded. And 3.rSQf5/ 6/7? does not check the BrSQ – no WrSQ rebirth possible on f8. b) 1.rSQf6 nPf8=nB+ 2.rSQh6+ rSQg7# (3.rSQf5?: f8 occupied) c) 1.rSQd4 nPf8=nSQ 2.rSQd2 rSQh6# (3.rSQf4?: not in check)  d) 1.nPc1=nR rSQc3 2.rSQg1 rSQa1# No guard of the BrSQ: a1 is occupied. e) 1.nPc1=nQ rSQe3+ 2.rSQc6 rSQd1# No guard as d1 is occupied. A curious extreme task.           

2 a) 1.Qxa5 Sxb5 2.Sb7(Se6?) Sd4# b) 1.Qxd4 Sxc4 2.Se6 (Sb7?) Sa5# Pinmates after switchbacks both real (white) and prevented (black) –paradox?         

3 a) 1...nSPf8=nB 2.Kh7 nBg7 3.nSPg1=nQ nQxg7[nBf5]# b) 1...nSPg8 =nS 2.Kh7 nSh6 3.nSPh1=nR nRxh6[nSg5]# c) 1...nSPe8 =nS 2.nSc7 nSPc6 3.nSa8 nSPxa8=nB[nSe2]# & 1...nSPc8=nR 2.nRc4 nSPe8=nQ 3.nRe4 nQxe4[nRc1]# Double nAUW with only displacement twinning.       


4 1.Kg1 nSPc8=nR 2.nRc2 nSPg8=nR+ 3.nRgc8 nRxc2[nRc1]# & 1.nSPg1=nB nBc5 2.nBa3 nSPxa3[nBg3] 3.nBh2 nSPa8 =nB# Not an AUW! Devious manoeuvres by the promoted pairs.         

5 a) 1.Kg1 nPh8 =nB 2.nBe5 nBxh2[nPa7]+ 3.Kh1 nPa8=nB#  b) 1.nBPg1=nB nBe3 2.nPh6 nBxh6 [nPa7] 3.nBe3 nPa8=nB# c) 1.nBPg1=nR nRg7 2.nRxh7[nPa2]+ nRa7 3.nPa1=nQ nQxa7[nRa8]# d) 1.nBPg1=nQ nQxb6[nPg7] 2.nQa7 nPg8=nR+ 3.nRg3+ Kxg3 [nRa8]#  Parts (a) & (b) show # from a8 by different promoted nBs; (c) & (d) show # (again from a8) by different promoted nRs, an unusual theme.        

6 1.Ba4 Kxf7 2.Sd7 Ke8 3.Se5+ Bxa4 # & 1.Re4 Kxf6 2.Se5 Ke6 3.Sd7+ Bxe4# Most of the credit belongs to Boris for this pretty battery problem.         


7 1.nPh8=nQ 2.nQxh2[nPd1=nS] 3.nSxc3 [nPg1=nB] 4.nQxa2[nPd1=nR]# The Qsbr nP-promotion task from Fairings-27, now in perfect economy. Well done!             

8 a) 1.Ke4 2.Kd5 3.Kxc5[CYd5] 4.Kd4 5.Kxe5 [Sd4] 6.Kd6 7.Kc5 8.Kxd4[Sc5] 9.Kc3 10.Kb4 11.Ka3 CYb4# b) 1.Kf3 2.Kxe2[Sf3] 3.Kd3 4.Kc4 5.Kxc5[CYc4] 6.Kb4 7.Kc3 8.Kxc4[CYc3] 9.Kd3 10.Ke2 11.Kd1 Ce2#. In mating position a) the S stands on the initial square of the CY, in b) the CY stands on the initial square of the S. A neat echo, apparently suggested by some of my CY work. Thank you, Arnold!           

9 a) 1.-12. rFL-g7-a6- g5-a4-g3-a2-b8-c2-d8-e2-f8-g2  13. rFLxa3-a4[Pg2] 14.-20. rFL-g3-a2-b8-c2-d8-e2-f8 21. rFLxg2-g3 [Pf8=Q] Qa3#  b) 1.-2. rFL-b2-h3 3. rFLxb4-b5[Ph3] 4.-12. rFL-h4-b3-h2-g8-f2-e8-d2-c8-b2 13. rFLxh3-h4[Pb2] 14.-20. rFLb3-h2-g8-f2-e8-d2-c8 21.rFLxb2-b3[Pc8=Q] Qh3# There are a few readers who like the flamingo, which pleases me. It suits the 8x8 board.



Helpselfmate: White plays and Black co-operates until the final move for each side, which is a normal selfmate in 1.

Seriesmate: White mates after making the prescribed number of moves; Black does not move at all.

Circe: Captured units (not Ks) reappear on their game-array squares, of the same colour in the case of pieces, on the file of capture in the case of pawns, and on the promotion square of the file of capture in the case of fairy pieces. If the rebirth square is occupied the capture is normal.

antiCirce: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must  be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). R, B & S go to the square of the same colour as the capture; Ps stay on the file of capture; fairy pieces (including royal fairy pieces) go to the promotion square of the file of capture.

antiKings: Under this condition a K is in check if he is not attacked. Mate occurs when a K is not attacked and his side cannot expose him to attack. (Of course kings may not be captured.)

DiagramCirce: Captured units (not Ks) reappear on the squares they occupied in the starting position for the current part of the problem. If the rebirth square is occupied the capture is normal.

VerticalMirrorCirce: Rebirth squares are the left-right reflections of the usual Circe ones.

Madrasi: Mutually attacking black and white units of the same type (not Ks) paralyse each other, so that they may no longer move or give check. Moves creating paralysis are legal, and the paralysis may be removed, for example by interference, or by capture of either of the paralysed units.

Isardam: Any move creating a Madrasi-style paralysis is illegal. Thus a check may be countered by guarding the king using a unit of the same type as the checking piece. Also, if a piece stands between two line pieces which would otherwise paralyse each other, that piece may not move off the line.

Couscous: As Circe, but the captured piece reappears on the Circe rebirth square of the capturing unit. Pawns reappearing on promotion squares are promoted instantly, at the choice of the capturing side.

PWC (PlatzWechselCirce): Captured units reappear on the square just vacated by the capturing unit. Pawns appearing on their 1st rank have no moving or checking power until reactivated by being captured again; those appearing on their 8th rank are promoted instantly, at the choice of the capturing side.

Take&Make (T&M): Capturing moves consist of two steps. The capturing step ("take") must be complemented by a further step ("make": not a capture) by the capturing piece, using the movement of the captured unit, otherwise the capture is illegal. Pawns may not end up on their own first rank. Captures on the promotion rank lead to promotions only if the pawn is on the promotion rank after the "make" step. Promotions at the end of the "make" step are normal.

Royalty: A unit with this characteristic is its side's king, but can move only in its own way, not as a normal king. 

Neutrality: A unit with this characteristic may be regarded as of either colour by the side whose turn it is to play. Neutral pawns promote to neutral pieces.

Flamingo FL: a (1,6/6,1)-leaper, e.g. FLa1-b7/g2.

Squirrel SQ: a combined (0,2/2,0)+(1,2/2,1)+(2,2)-leaper, thus controlling a rectangular outline of squares which are two units distant from it.

Berolina pawn BP: Moves diagonally but captures straight ahead, with double moves and promotions as usual.

Superpawn SP: Moves to, or captures at, any distance in the usual directions, and may stand on its own first rank. Promotion is normal.

Charybdis CY: Moves to the same squares as a S, but the arrival square must be vacant; to capture it takes a hostile piece on the intervening diagonal square, i.e. it captures like a locust. A charybdis move may be blocked by the presence of a friendly unit on an adjacent diagonal square. The use of a B-based symbol is a reminder that the CY's first movement is diagonal.


Computer testing in Fairings:

Problems in Fairings are tested by Popeye wherever possible. All the problems in this issue have been tested by Popeye.



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